The Benefits of Laughter Podcast

Laughter is relational, healing and necessary. In this episode of Breaking Bread ACCFS clinicians Ted Witzig Jr., Brian Sutter, Kathy Knochel and Kaleb Beyer enjoy a light moment together.  But don’t underestimate the weighty benefits such moments bring to our mental health.

 Show notes:

There are many matters that concern us: struggle, hurt, loss and sorrow abound. Yet, even among these, humor exists. Sometimes laughter springs from surprising places acting as a grace from our heavenly Father who no doubt loves to see his children laugh.

What is laughter?

  • Laughter is the physical response to the emotional and cognitive experience of humor, happiness and mirth.
  • Laughter is to happiness as crying is to sadness.
  • Laughter is a common expression of amusement shared by all humanity.

What are the elements that give rise to laughter?

  • Humor often plays on surprise. From peak-a-boo with an infant to clever twists in a “punch line”, the element of surprise startles and pleases.
  • Humor often plays on a truth – truth exaggerated or told from a new vantage point often entertains and amuses.

What are the benefits of laughing?

  • Laughter grounds a person in the moment. Amusement happens in the present, opening a person’s senses to live in the now.
  • Laughter is relational. Sharing amusement with others makes the experience better. Laughter draws people into its participation. People welcome laughter.
  • Healthy humanity employs the spectrum of emotions. Just as sadness has its purpose and benefits, so does mirth.
  • Laughter can increase our capacity to cope with the brokenness we experience in life. Laughter does not make light of sadness. Rather, it assists us in holding it.

How can I learn to laugh?

  • Learn to laugh at myself. Often, I take myself too seriously.
  • Learn my place. I can over approximate my role and reach of effect. I need to remember that God is in control.
  • Learn to live. God created me to enjoy his good creation.

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