ETR Minister Support Curriculum

The ETR has begun development of a minister support teaching program (curriculum) for the ministers of the ACCA. The goal of this curriculum is to provide teaching, offer training and support, and facilitate discussion between elders, ministers, and their wives. Sunday school teachers will also be invited to participate in this curriculum over time. You can see an overview of the curriculum as well as a description of current course offerings below. More information and registration for these courses is available on Equip portion of the ETR website.

Core Doctrines & Beliefs
  • Intro to Core Biblical Doctrines (forthcoming)
The Bible
  • Intro to the Bible
  • Biblical Text 1: Text To Teaching
  • Biblical Text 2: Word Studies
  • Biblical Text 3: Outlining
  • Engaging the Church & Community

     (content provided by ACCFS & HarvestCall)

    Spiritual Health

    (content provided by ACCFS & 360 Wellness)

     Further Information

    Resiliency in the Ministry Webinar
    The Gospel both sends us to ministry and cradles us in it. In this audio slide show we share how the Gospel is central to our resiliency. It allows us to rest. It is the source of our self-care. In addition, it is the means by which we care for our families.

    Minister Webinars
    ACCFS staff conduct webinars in specific areas to assist fellow laborers in the work of maintaining the Body of Christ. Some of those webinars are available to view.