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Sexual Integrity 1.2.3. Course

  • One lesson per week.
  • Two comments on fellow participants lessons per week.
  • Meet in person every three weeks.

Sexual integrity is won and maintained in community. This 15-week course has versions for either male or female groups. In this course, participants form a small support group and complete one lesson per week. Each lesson consists of teaching, reflection prompts, prayer, and Scripture memorization. Participants respond to the lessons of fellow group members using chat features built into the online teaching venue.

Course objectives:

  • Participants learn skills for stewarding their sexuality.
  • Participants build a support community.

What is the commitment?

Participants should plan on spending 20-40 minutes per week to complete their lesson and an additional 15 – 30 minutes commenting on lessons of fellow participants. In-person meetings are left up to the group to determine and carry-out. All participants should have a desire to be open and engage with other participants. They should be willing to help and be helped.

Each group should have a facilitator identified. The facilitator acts as a catalyst for online participation and in-person meetings.

Course content:

Week 1: Freedom – “Do I really want it?”

Week 2: Repentance – “I feel guilt but not shame.”

Week 3: Gospel – “I am powerless to change, but oh, for the Gospel.”

Week 4: Confession – “I am humbled and therefore ready for healing.”

Week 5: Lifestyle – “I build a lifestyle conducive to my weakest moments.”

Week 6: Action – “I have a plan for action and am working that plan.”

Week 7: Temptation – “I see temptation as an opportunity to worship.”

Week 8: Identity – “I behave according to who I believe I am.”

Week 9: Thoughts – “My thoughts give way to my feelings which give way to my behavior.”

Week 10: Brain – “My brain changes for the better or for the worse.”

Week 11: Addiction – “Addiction is the anti-gospel.”

Week 12: Wounds – “My addictions medicate deeper pain.”

Week 13: Relationships – “My vice thrives in isolation.”

Week 14: God-Facing – “This is what God wants.”

Week 15: Overcoming – “Planning for the future.”

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For the Facilitator: Resources are available to help facilitators understand this course and what part they might play. Click here for information.