Singleness & Sexuality: Introduction


This series is intended to help single individuals understand and deal with sexual feelings as commonly experienced in life. It was developed in response to requests that church leadership and ACCFS staff have received from singles who essentially told us, “We know what the Bible says about staying away from sexual sin and we are committed to that. Please help us understand how to deal with sexual feelings and desires as single individuals!”


This series was written by collective effort of the ACCFS staff (both single and married). We believe you desire to grow in likeness to Christ in all aspects of your life as you seek to live an overcoming life. We acknowledge that understanding and dealing with sexual feelings as an unmarried male or female is challenging. We do not claim to have a “cure” for these struggles, but we seek to help you view and deal with these struggles in a manner which honors Christ. All of us are a “work in progress” and we acknowledge pursuing victory in this area is part of the process of pursuing Christ. We hope you are encouraged and challenged as you read this series.

We want you to know: God knows you and loves you.  He will empower you even in the middle of the battle dealing with the desires, frustrations, and temptations associated with sexuality. You are not alone. While Satan desires to use shame, isolation, fear, and embarrassment to harm you, we desire to stand with you as you walk with Christ.


We are open to hearing your feedback, questions, and input on the topic of singleness and are glad to help where we can. We are also interested in suggestions for improving this paper.  Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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