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SP 301

Sexual Purity Curriculum PODCASTS

Workbook used is The Faithful & True Workbook: Sexual Integrity in Today’s World, by Dr. Mark Laaser, Faithful and True Publications, 2015.
Session One podcast is done by ACCFS and the remaining podcasts are from M-O-V Radio on the website,
(edited by ACCFS)


Topic Workbook Pages Supplement*
Session 1

Sexual Sin/Sexual Addiction
Characteristics of Addiction
26-31 Sexual Integrity Inventory
Session 2 Types of Addictive Sexual Activity 31-35 Addictive Thinking: Recognizing Self-Deception
Session 3
The Three Circle Plan The Three Circle Sobriety Plan
Session 4 Extremes of Sexual Addiction 36-38 Anorexia versus Bulimia
Session 5 The Sexual Addiction Cycle 38-43 The Healthy Cycle
Session 6 Core Beliefs:
Justification, Denial, and Delusion
43-46 Stages of Denial
Session 7 Fantasies; Overcoming Shame 50-53 Interview of Your Fantasy
Session 8 Rituals and Accountability 54-57 The 7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men
Session 9 Despair, Confession 57-63 Healthy Dependency (WB page 190)
Session 10 Family Boundaries 67-70 Summary of Boundaries
Session 11 Family Rules 71-74 Feeling Expressions
Session 12 Sobriety; Sexual Abstinence 106-110 Personal Craziness Index
Session 13 Fire Drills; Relapse Prevention 110-113 Fire Drill Sheet (WB page 137)
Session 14 Measuring Progress 131-136, 148 12 Steps Summary

*Therapist will provide supplemental sheets.

Podcast Response
Print and fill out each time you listen to one of the podcasts.