Seven Shifts For Beating Religious Scrupulosity

In this webinar recording, Ted Witzig Jr. will walk through seven different ways to pivot your treatments to help improve your condition and to grow.



1. Faith is what I feel. 1. Walking Faith: living into my beliefs.
2. Taking medication may mask a spiritual problem. 2. Medication may be one way God helps me overcome OCD.
3. Perfectionism and All-or-Nothing Thinking. 3. Growth is about progress not perfection.
4. OCD is helping me to be spiritually safe. 4. God desires that I break OCD rules in order to be free.
5. I must continually analyze the past. 5. Healing is in moving forward.
6. Picturing God through the distorted lens of OCD. 6. Viewing God without OCD’s distortion.
7. I must prove to God (and myself) I don’t want these thoughts. 7. God understands OCD and its treatment.

Seven Shifts for Beating Religious Scrupulosity PDF