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Disagreement in Marriage Podcast

Disagreement in marriage is real. Anyone who is married understands the wisdom of being “equally yoked.” Fortunately, Christians are “equally yoked” on the basis of faith in Christ. Yet, there are many other ideals, values and dreams we might not be so “equally yoked.” In this episode of Breaking Bread,

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Shepherding Our Child’s Image of God Podcast

Youth is a time of life when all manner of ideals are being formed in a person: reasoning skills, social skills, character qualities, work ethic, and academics. And yet, greater than these is the formation of the image our kids will have of God. Their God image is the sum

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Supporting Others in Change

Change is a constant in our world and in ourselves. It is one thing to experience change ourselves, and yet another thing to walk with others during their season of change. Consider the relationships in your life right now. How many of your close family or friends are in the

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Living in the Ordinary Podcasts

Folding laundry, mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning, fixing and working. Life is pretty ordinary. God must be disappointed in my life. Or is He? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Isaac Funk helps us understand the beauty that is possible in the ordinary.   We live in a God-bathed world.

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The Storybook of Life

My 2-year-old toddler currently is in love with a Little Golden Book Classic titled Little Mommy. We read the story over and over again almost every night. I smile at these classics and love her passion for story time and how she enjoys this darling story of a little girl

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Grief In Teens Podcast Episodes

Grief is always hard no matter the age. Yet, our teens experience a unique challenge when it comes to working through loss. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Kathy Knochel and Craig Stickling walk us through the complexities of grief on the maturing heart and mind. Grief and loss can

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