When Neurodiversity Is Present In Marriage Podcast

Marriages can find themselves in places of despair. Marriages often assume the problems are symptoms of waning affection. Yet what is actually present is neurodiversity. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Kaleb Beyer educates us on the impact ADHD can have on marriage relationships and the hope that can be

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Four Action Words For The New Year Podcast

The new year carries a sense of hope for needed change. In this episode of Breaking Bread, the clinical staff from ACCFS share four words to help inspire and guide the changes we need to make.  These simple four verbs will be easy to remember and promise helpful practical action.

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local church
in Spiritual Growth

Local Church Podcast

God saves his people into families. A nurturing community where souls are cared for and loved. In this episode of Breaking Bread, ACCFS’s church outreach team shares the vision that propels the work they do. Vision: By God’s grace, the Church Outreach division of ACCFS is committed to supporting the

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Listen To Your Body

Often, our bodies seem like a liability to our emotional, relational, and spiritual health. After all, our flesh is weak. Yet Jesus beautifully sanctioned the bodily experience when He came to earth in the flesh. He showed us that our bodies should not be scorned but instead listened to and

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Three Types of Perfectionism

Perfection. A wonderful description of God, but elusive for us as human beings. As believers, we acknowledge the perfect holiness and righteousness of God and that He is without sin or error. It can be difficult to make sense of what perfection means for us, practically and personally, as we

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Hide and Seek

When my kids were young, we played a lot of hide-and-seek. They loved it! The kids would shrill with glee as I counted and they scampered to their respective hiding cubbies. Then, on the prowl, I set out searching, announcing my approach with songs, chants and threats of tickles. Inevitably,

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