Bitterness Podcast Episodes

Hurt, not properly cared for, can turn to bitterness. Bitterness, not properly cared for, defiles much. In this episode series, Craig Stickling addresses properly caring for hurt and bitterness. Forgive, overlook and acknowledge – three verbs that give the embittered a path to freedom. None are easy. In in this episode of Breaking Bread, Craig Stickling…

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The Storybook of Life

My 2-year-old toddler currently is in love with a Little Golden Book Classic titled Little Mommy. We read the story over and over again almost every night. I smile at these classics and love her passion for story time and how she enjoys this darling story of a little girl…

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The Nature of Conflict: The Role of Personal Conscience Podcast Episode

Do we love each other because we agree? Or is our love based on something deeper? Surprisingly, conflict exposes the answer. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Matt Kaufmann and Brian Sutter address the nature of conflict and highlight the role our consciences play. God has given everyone a conscience.…

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Women Helpers Training

  This regional Women Helper training session was designed to encourage, motivate, and provide teachings and resources to equip women in the church who are mentoring and helping other women. You can listen to the audio from this event and view the handout below. Women’s Helper Training PPT Handout

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Anxiety & Social Anxiety Podcast Episodes

Anxiety: We are all too familiar with anxiety. We don’t like it. But do we understand it for its finer details? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. walks through three types of anxiety: spiritual, situational and anxiety disorder. Below are some of the topics covered in this…

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Preventing Suicide

Job, Jonah, Elijah are some of the biblical examples who had reached a point of hopelessness and wished for death.  We know that King Saul and Judas Iscariot actually crossed the line of taking their life.  Sections of the Psalms and the book Lamentations remind us we live “in this…

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