Crown Financial Bible Study

This study has been adapted with permission from Crown Financial Ministries for the Apostolic Christian Church.

All Crown materials are available from Apostolic Christian Book Store.
Click for an overview on the ten lessons on biblical principles of financial stewardship as taught in the Crown Financial Bible Study.

Crown Financial Stewardship Bible Study For Adults
This is a structured 10-week Bible study course on biblical financial stewardship. The purpose of this study is “to teach people God’s financial principles in order to know Christ more intimately and to be free to serve Him.” Through in-depth teaching and accountability in a small-group setting, participants learn how to handle money and possessions in a God-honoring way.

  • Biblical Financial Study Small Group Student Manual  
    This book is the primary study guide for the 10-week course. Each weekly lesson consists of reading the lesson text, looking up Bible passages, and writing answers to questions about those passages. Topics for each week of in-depth study include God’s Part/Our Part, Debt, Counsel, Honesty, Giving, Work, Investing, Perspective, and Eternity.
  • Biblical Financial Study Practical Application Workbook  
    This is a supplement to the Student Manual. It contains the practical financial exercises that each participant of a Crown small group will complete during a study. Each individual or married couple will use one workbook.
  • Your Money Counts  
    In this book by Howard Dayton, you will learn that the Bible has a lot to say about money. There are over 2,350 verses that address everything you need to know about handling money, making it a biblical blueprint for managing your finances. In this very practical book, you will discover the profound impact handling money has on your relationship with God.
  • Biblical Financial Study Small Group Leader’s Guide  
    This book is intended to give direction for those who will lead a group through the 10-week course.

The resource books used in this study are available from Apostolic Christian Book Store.

The Crown 10-Week Bible Study Program for Teens 

A recent newspaper article confirmed that the number of high school students with credit cards has tripled in the past two years. This growth in teen credit card debt shows a lifestyle of instant gratification and the inability (or unwillingness) to live within one’s means. Several Apostolic Christian congregations are now using the Crown 10-week Bible study program for teens in the Bible Class and others are forming groups within their Young Group of members and converts. This 10-week Bible study directs a group of eight to ten teenagers through a series of 10 lessons under the direction of a Group Leader. The book used in this study has been adapted for the Apostolic Christian Church and is available from the Apostolic Christian Book Store.

  • Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money, A Financial Study for Teens
    This study guide has been specially written and designed to give teens practical help in creating habits that will set them on a lifelong journey of handling money responsibly.

Documents For Download
Crown Financial Ministries, Practical Application Workbook forms 
This download contains all of the printed forms found in the Practical Application Workbook of the Crown Ministries Bible Study available through the Apostolic Christian Book Store. (These forms are copyrighted by Crown Financial Ministries and offered here with their permission.)

  • Personal Financial Statement, Quit Claim Deed
  • Debt List, Debt Repayment Schedule
  • Monthly Budget, Estimated Budget
  • Percentage Guide, Percentage Budget
  • Life Insurance Worksheet, Individual Account Page
  • Organizing Your Estate, Financial Goals