Teaching The Gospel

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. This is a mega theme of Scripture. The Old Testament points forward to Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John account the life of Jesus. Acts through Revelation point back to Jesus.

A wonderful lens for any Sunday School lesson could be the Gospel. That is, what does the given biblical story, scriptural passage or topical lesson have to do with Jesus Christ?

A helpful way to remember some key Gospel components are the letters in the word GOSPEL.

G – God’s Holiness
O – Our Brokenness
S – Christ’s Sacrifice
P – Our Profession of Faith
E – Equals
L – Life

Every Sunday School lesson will likely play to one or more of these gospel elements. Helpful questions to ask while preparing a Sunday School lesson might be the following:

G – What does this lesson teach me about God?
O – What does this lesson teach me about myself?
S – Is there a Redeemer/redemption in this lesson?
P – What does this lesson teach me about faith in God?
EL – What does this lesson teach me about how faith will affect my life?

Not every lesson will necessarily hit on all of the Gospel components. However, whatever the lesson, one or more of these questions will be very relevant and insightful. By using this Gospel lens consistently, the full Gospel will be beautifully presented over the tenure of the teaching year.

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