Lament: Bringing our Emotional Pain to God Podcast Episodes

What do we do with emotional pain when we can’t make it better? (Hint: David, Hannah, Jeremiah, Job, Habakkuk and Jesus all did it.)  In fact, the example is so abundant in the Scriptures, you can’t miss it. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. will answer this question and make it very accessible to all who endure pain.

  • Lament is a prayer in pain that leads to trust.
  • Lament includes four steps:
    • Turn to God.
    • Make a complaint.
    • Make your request.
    • Move forward in trust.
  • Lament connects the experience of our pain with the reality of God’s promises.
  • Some people are afraid to lament because it often deals with raw emotions and difficult questions. However, lament is actually an act of faith as we turn toward God in our pain.
  • God has given lament to the individual who is suffering.

God has given lament to the community who is suffering with an individual.


Lament: A Sorrow Expressed
In this article, learn more on the lament process and an exercise is provided to help you through the process. Also included in this article is a video of Ted Witzig, Jr. explaining the lament process.

Learning to Lament using Psalm 13 as a guide

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament
Author: Mark Vroegop
This book seeks to restore the lost art of lament in order to help readers discover the power of honest wrestling with the questions that come with grief and suffering.


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