Discipleship Conference 2022

God calls us to a life of discipleship, a personal walk with him where we bring all our life into alignment with the way of Christ. This year at our Discipleship Conference we will focus on this personal side of discipleship and consider the practices and facets of what it means to dwell in the love of God and be transformed by it. Join us on April 2nd, 2022 in Morton, IL, to take part in the main sessions, breakouts, and discussion forums, all focused on this transforming relationship and its impact both on ourselves and those we engage in discipleship with.

Main Sessions:

How Discipleship Forms Us  Video    Audio    PPT Handout
Becoming like Christ. That is the goal of discipleship. But how does this process play out in our lives? How are we formed into this image? In this first main session, we will examine the process which spiritual formation takes in our lives as we dwell in God.

Historic Discipleship  Video   Audio   PPT Handout
The church is passed from one generation to another by discipleship. Modeled by Christ, patterned by the disciples, and replicated throughout history, intentional discipleship relationships support the passing down of the Faith and teach us how to dwell with God. In this main session we will look at what discipleship has looked like over the years.

My Life as a Disciple   Video   Audio
In this session, we will interview a few seasoned believers and learn from their ongoing experience of dwelling with God and being discipled by Him and others. What have they found most beneficial in their relationship with Christ? How do they cultivate intimacy and Christlikeness throughout the years as they learn to dwell with Him?

Breakout Topics:

How do I Train as a Disciple?   PPT Handout   Handout   Audio
We cannot become more like our Master simply by trying harder. We must train as any good apprentice would. In this breakout, rediscover a time-tested, reliable method for growth in Christlikeness that can be implemented in your personal life and the lives of those around you.

How do I Speak the Gospel to Myself?   PPT Handout   Audio 
If we are to reach others, we must first be a believer in that which we are sharing. Speaking the Gospel to ourselves is a discipline that holds tremendous advantages for spiritual development. How do you see it play out in your life daily? Consider the implications of sharing the Gospel to ourselves in this breakout.

How do I Overcome Roadblocks as a Disciple?   PPT Handout   Audio
Sometimes our growth in Christ can become stunted. What are the common roadblocks to discipleship? How do we identify them in our life and move forward in a healthy direction? In this session, a few counselors will share insight from their experience into some of the common areas of struggles individuals face.

How do I Engage in Community?    PPT Handout    Handout   Audio
We can view discipleship as a solitary walk with our Savior…yet Christ called 12, not just 1. Community has been an important part of discipleship from the beginning. Consider your need for community and the opportunity it provides for discipleship in this breakout.

How do I Engraft the Word?   PPT Handout   Handout   Audio
"Sanctify them by thy Word"…that is Christ's prayer for his followers. How does the Word perform this sanctification in our lives? In this breakout, you will learn the process of engrafting the Word into your life and see the fruit it can bring.

Discussion Forums:

Discipling Teens
The teenage years can be challenging. Yet it is a time where much of our character is formed and direction is charted. In this discussion forum, you can interact with a counselor as he shares of his experience working with teens.

Discipling Your Family    PPT Handout    Handout   
How do you lead your family in discipleship? What skills, practices, and lessons have you learned over the years? In this discussion forum, we will learn from each other on how to encourage and develop healthy discipleship patterns with our children and our family.

Discipling the Difficult
Discipleship is tough work. Yet certain situations (trauma, self-harm, anxiety, depression, pornography, etc.) can make it even more daunting. This discussion forum allows you the chance to learn from counselors as they walk through and give counsel on situations that make discipleship difficult.

Discipleship and Prayer   PPT Handout
As disciples of Jesus, we know that prayer is a central practice in our life with God, but truthfully, many of us would admit that we don't pray as we should. In the open dialogue of this discussion forum, we will learn from each other on how to live lives of powerful prayer.

Discipling New Believers    PPT Handout
Where do you start with discipleship in the lives of new or young believers? What are the core teachings to consider? This discussion forum will provide a venue where you can learn from HarvestCall leadership on ways to start the work of discipleship with new believers.

Donations: We rely upon donations to cover the costs associated with this event. Suggested donation is $50/person. If you feel moved to give, please denote 'Discipleship Conference' in the memo line. We deeply appreciate your support!