360 Wellness

For a bishop must be blameless, as the stewards of God…  Titus 1:7

360 Wellness is an Elder led and directed work group focused on supporting health within the ministry. The purpose of the 360 Wellness work group is to:

  • Encourage awareness that…
    • All belongs to God, our wives, our families, the church, etc.
    • Elders are stewards of what belongs to God
  • Acknowledge that the demands of elder stewardship are real, significant, and often in tension with one another.
  • Promote healthy stewardship by elders and other church leadership of the things given into their care.
  • Promote the spiritual, emotional, and relational health and accountability of elders and other church leadership and the church.
  • Promote resiliency in leadership.

The 360 Wellness workgroup will seek to provide useful tools and teaching that encourage wellness in various aspects of the lives of elders, deacons, ministers and their wives.

The 360 Wellness workgroup will pursue a growth-focused approach:  A stewardship approach that encourages us all to pursue God’s design, wellness, and vitality for our lives; a more proactive vs. reactive approach.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].


Peer Support and Mentoring Guide


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Family and Ministry March Conference Bluffton North 2022


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