Pathway to Purity

Introduction to the Pathway Get Up Stay Up Move Up Sexual Purity Triage Tools

The sexual purity battle is full of ups and downs with a continuum of varying situations. Yet there is hope. Men and women have come to walk joyful overcoming lives having started from every conceivable location. Their answer, is our answer – Jesus and His Body. These resources are meant to encourage and equip the community of helpers who are working with individuals struggling in this area.

Introduction to the Pathway

The sexual purity battle can be viewed as a pathway toward which an individual is called to get up, stay up, and move up further toward the goal of overcoming. The first video describes the experience of someone who is walking along this pathway and the varying positions along this journey. The second video provides a tour of how to navigate and utilize the many resources on this Pathway to Purity page.

Get Up

Some souls along the pathway to purity find themselves in the midst of sin – full of guilt and shame. They need to get up, come out of sin, and by the hope of the gospel, stand in a place of peace.

Stay Up

Some souls along the pathway to purity find themselves experiencing the peace of forgiveness, but they battle backsliding. They need to stay up, being equipped to walk the overcoming life as a response to the gospel.

Move Up

Some souls along the pathway to purity have a wonderful testimony of redemption out of a life of sexual sin. They need support and encouragement to continue to move up as they walk the overcoming life.

Sexual Purity Triage Tools

These resources can help determine how deeply entrenched an individual may be in the purity struggle and the appropriate resources for each stage.