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The teaching branch of ACCFS provides a host of proactive resources to our churches, individuals, and church leadership in a variety of formats. Articles on a variety of topic areas as well as discussion aids and Bible studies have been adapted for the church to use for individual, mentoring, and group study opportunities. Our biweekly Breaking Bread Podcast covers a variety of topics as well as some of the video teaching available on our website. Finally, the ACCFS staff is available to do presentations and trainings for Apostolic Christian Churches, leadership, facilities, and groups on a variety of topics. We tailor our presentations to the needs of the groups to whom we are asked to present.

How do I schedule a presentation?

Please contact the ACCFS office at 309-263-5536 or email [email protected].

How much does it cost?

Presentation fees include staff preparation and delivery time and are based on roughly $275 per presenting hour. Travel and material costs are assessed in addition to this base fee. A sliding fee scale based on the size of the congregation is applied.

What are potential presentation topics?

Below is a list of our current teaching topics. All presentations are ~1-2 hours in length unless otherwise noted.

Foundations for a Loving Marriage
This day-long marriage seminar is designed to encourage couples to apply scriptural-based principles in practical ways in marriage. Shorter sessions can also be scheduled around such topics as: Nurturing Joy in Marriage, Strengthening Emotional Connection, and more.

Mentor Skills Training
Mentoring involves coming along-side someone to help them through the struggles of life by teaching, guiding, and encouraging.  This half-day session teaches skills and approaches which can help those involved in mentoring others.

Parenting with a Purpose
This day-long seminar focuses on providing parents with specific principles and applications in “training up their children in the way they should go,” thus strengthening the role of the parent as a purposeful leader who points their child toward Christ. Shorter sessions can also be scheduled around such topics as: Establishing Family Worship, Navigating Sex Education, and more. 

Mental Health & Hurts and Emotions Presentations

Dealing with Stress, Worry, and Anxiety – provides a biblical framework for dealing with stress and worry

Grief, Stress, & Depression: What is Normal and When Should I Be Concerned – addresses grief and stress, especially geared toward caregivers.  

Relationships Presentations

Dealing with Hurt and Moving Toward Healing – explores various types of hurt and gives biblical direction on how to move toward forgiveness and healing

Redeeming Transitions – provides biblical-based encouragement for walking through life’s major transitions

Forgiveness – presents the biblical model of forgiveness and levels of personal application

Healthy Boundaries – addresses what boundaries are and God’s design for them

Healthy Communication Principles – outlines key principles of communication and addresses common pitfalls

Healthy Relationships in the Body – relays principles to encourage love and service in the Body of Christ

Helping One Another After a Major Stressor – addresses common reactions to crisis and ways to help each other through them 

Sexuality Presentations

Striving for Sexual Purity – presents practical ways to understand and overcome sexual temptation, available for both men and women 

Spiritual Growth Presentations

Biblical Principles of Financial Stewardship – presents practical ways to establish financial priorities as Christians

Principles of Biblical Decision Making – looks at principles behind biblical decision making and how to help others in the decision making process

Spiritual Maturity: Growing from Milk to Meat – gives insight into the biblical growth process

The Identity Equation- encourages singles to reflect on their identity and sense of purpose within the Body of Christ

Understanding and Developing Spiritual Gifts – gives biblical perspective on gifts within the Body of Christ

 Technology Presentations

Safe Technology Use for the Whole Family – outlines scriptural principles surrounding discernment and usage in the realm of technology 

Presentations for Women

God’s Masterpiece – encourages women to develop a healthy body image based on a Christ-centered view and healthy relationships

In His Image – focuses on helping women to avoid the distractions they face which can lead to emotional eating and an unhealthy body image

Healthy Vulnerability – looks at establishing healthy, encouraging relationships among women

Living a Legacy – encourages women to consider the lasting impact of their lives 

Presentations for Men

Spiritual Leadership – focuses on the life of Moses and brings to bear several leadership principles

Are there teaching opportunities specifically designed for ministers?

ACCFS offers several minister support sessions, which work with minister teams to increase awareness and understanding in such topics as: Understanding and Responding to Mental Health Issues, Core Counseling Skills, Resiliency in the Ministry, and more. These two-hour modules can be conducted at the local church, at the ACCFS office, or through webinars.

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