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Shedding Hurt Podcast Episodes

Shedding Hurt Part 1: Dealing with Anger  

Are you hurting? Have you sustained an emotional wound? Suppose you could shed that hurt. Suppose that hurt could fall away. Ted Witzig Jr. suggests it can. In this podcast series, Matt Kaufmann leads Ted in unpacking the disciplines of shedding hurt, anger, and bitterness.

Shedding Hurt Part 2: Dealing with Forgiveness 
At the root of forgiveness there are two gifts to be given. The vindication we want to give to the offender we give to Jesus. The grace we want to keep for ourselves, we give to the offender. In this episode, Ted Witzig Jr. walks through the steps of forgiveness and helps us give these gifts to the right recipient.

Shedding Hurt Part 3: Dealing with Disappointment   
The tools for shedding hurt should be viewed as items in a tool belt to be used upon demand as opposed to items stored away in a box if per chance the need for use arises. In this final episode of the “Shedding Hurt” series, Ted Witzig Jr. explains both the importance and the skills for not allowing hurt to pile up. Having a lifestyle of shedding hurt will allow us to weather life’s many disappointments.