ACCFS Overview

Helping the Hurting. Nurturing Hope. Encouraging Growth

Our Mission Statement

We will nurture, through counseling and teaching, the spiritual well-being of individuals through God’s word as it relates to their emotional, relational, and mental health needs. (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:2). Our goal is to alleviate suffering and to promote Christian maturity so that people can grow in their likeness to Christ, experience a deeper relationship with God and enter into a more effective life of service to others. The Bible is our authority as we apply the gifts that God gives to man. (1 Thessalonians 2:13, Romans 12: 5-8, Isaiah 50:4) The services provided will support and strengthen the local elder’s shepherding, the brotherhood of the Apostolic Christian Church, and those not affiliated with the church, as resources allow.

Organizational Chart

The ACCFS Board of Directors are under the direction of the Apostolic Christian Church Elder body. For a full list of ACCFS’s current board of directors and ACCFS staff and biographies, please click here.

Counseling Services Overview

Counseling is offered to address issues such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, marital problems, PTSD and childhood behavior problems. ACCFS counselors provides biblical instruction, direction and encouragement. Counseling includes in-office or remote clinical counseling, remote psychiatry services (available in Central IL), consults with Elders and Ministers, mentoring students majoring in counseling, and counseling and support for missions programs. For more information, see Counseling at ACCFS. Watch how counseling can impact the life of an individual through My Journey to Hope.

Sessions are charged based on a sliding-fee scale; no one is refused services based on their ability to pay. ACCFS provides a free consultation with a counselor to people who are seeking information or help with mental health issues, relationship problems, etc. Callers include struggling individuals, elders, ministers, family members, and friends of struggling individuals. To initiate this free, 30-minute consultation, call the ACCFS office at 309-263-5536 and staff would be glad to assist.

ACCFS provides referrals for those seeking counseling in their local area. ACCFS maintains a database of clinical counselors and mental health professionals located around each of our churches nationally. The referral database includes counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, specialty clinics, and support groups. Our goal is providing this service is to help individuals find mental health professionals located near their home area who have strong clinical skills and good credentials and will be respectful of their religious beliefs and faith backgrounds.

Church Outreach

ACCFS Church Outreach staff provides seminars from a Christian perspective on mental health issues, relationship matters, and/or personal growth areas. Seminars, conferences and presentations can be provided to churches or smaller groups (ministers, young groups, couples, etc). For a list of available presentations, view the Teaching Services portion of our website.

ACCFS has a variety of resources available covering a wide range of mental health and relationship issues. Resources have been screened by staff and/or elders. Resources include print material, discussion aids, topical papers/handouts. Many resources are available for download on the ACCFS website.


ACCFS is a ministry of the Apostolic Christian Church of America. A sliding fee scale based on annual family income is used. Brother’s Keeper Funds are used to cover the sliding fee. No one is refused services based on inability to pay. The remainder of funding is from individuals and churches who support the work of ACCFS. Our annual budget is approximately $1,300,000. Donations from individuals and churches cover 75% of this amount.


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