Resources for a New Elder

How to be a People Helper
Author: Gary R Collins
Everyone faces problems, and it is likely that we can help people more than we realize. This book helps people to: 1) become more sensitive to the feelings of others. 2) learn how to deal with “people problems” 3) learn how to use principles similar to ones used by professionals in helping people and 4) know when and where to refer people.


The Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatment
Author: W. Brad Johnson and William L Johnson
This book is a thorough yet succinct guide to everything a minister might need to know about the most common psychological and the most useful mental health treatments.



The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma
Author: Dr. H. Norman Wright
Many pastors and lay counselors have had minimal training in clinical methods of grief and trauma. Readers will learn how to counsel and coach both believers and nonbelievers who are in crisis, how to walk alongside them through the hours, weeks, and months following their trauma, and how to help them find the path to complete restoration.


Encouragement: The Unexpected Power of Building Others Up
Author: Dr. Larry Crabb
Part one deals with understanding encouragement, and part two explores the process of encouragement, including such practical how-to’s as developing a careful selection of encouraging words; cultivating active listening skills; using biblical fellowship to move beyond superficial smiles and shallow greets; and recognizing subtle opportunities for encouragement.


Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life
Authors: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
This 304-page book is about developing emotional and relational boundaries. It focuses on helping you take responsibility for your own actions and not let others run over your boundaries by using guilt, anger, or manipulation.



Intervarsity Press and NavPress adapted Bible Studies

Over 30 Bible studies are available through the Apostolic Christian Book Store.