Finding Counseling In Your Area

ACCFS maintains a database of mental health professionals located near Apostolic Christian Churches throughout the United States. The ACCFS referral database includes counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, specialty clinics, and support groups. We can also help you find a counselor in your area in the event one is not listed.

Purpose:  Our goal in providing this service is to help struggling people find mental health professionals who:

  • Are located near the caller’s home area.
  • Have strong clinical skills and good credentials.
  • Will be respectful of their client’s religious beliefs and faith backgrounds.

We highly recommend that you read the guide What to Expect from Counseling in order to understand more about finding the best counselor for your situation and how to get the most out of receiving counseling services.

To get names of mental health professionals in your area or a referral to specialized services, please call us at (309-263-5536) or (877-370-9988) during normal business hours (see Contact Us page for hours).  Outside normal business hours, you may leave a message for the receptionist on our answering system.

***Note:  ACCFS does not provide crisis intervention services. If you have a life-threatening emergency that needs immediate attention, call 911 or go to your local emergency room.