Empathy Podcast Episode

Empathy is a gift we give to others. It is a gift for many reasons, not the least of which, is the selflessness required. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Amber Miller flushes out empathy. She helps us walk the fine line of looking within ourselves and accessing the God-given skill set to turn outward and connect with another person.

  • Empathy is feeling with people.
  • Empathy is not fixing people’s hurt.
  • Empathy is recognizing, acknowledging, and connecting with another person’s emotion.
  • Empathy is not talking.
  • Empathy requires selflessness by not making the interaction about us.
  • Empathy does not require a shared experience.
  • Empathy requires vulnerability on the part of the giver and the receiver.
  • Empathy does not require complete understanding of another person’s experience.
  • Empathy is built by listening to another’s perspective.
  • Empathy is eroded by minimizing another’s experience.
  • Empathy is built by prayer.
  • Empathy is eroded by ignorance.
  • Empathy flourishes when the hurting person gives the helping person grace to try.
  • Empathy withers when the hurting person lords their hurt over another.
  • Empathy flourishes when the helping person gives the hurting person grace to share.
  • Empathy withers when the helping person lords their perspective over the hurting person.
  • Empathy is perfectly exampled in Christ, who experienced humanity fully and is now our advocate before the Father.

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This article includes a video of Amber Miller walking us through what empathy is and how we show empathy to others.