Grief Course

Lessons on Grief provides community and discussion for those who have lost a loved one. Each of the eight lessons is centered on a theme often experienced by those who journey through grief. As a group walks through the lessons together, the teaching content, handouts, and videos will help facilitate a discussion among group members with the goal of providing help, hope, and growth. These lessons are likely best-suited for participants who are still grieving but who are not necessarily in the initial phases of grief and are ready to share together in a group setting. You can find out more information in the Courses portion of our website or you can enroll in this course by clicking on the link below.

Course objectives:

  • Participants reflect on their emotions and experience walking through grief.
  • Participants build a support community to help prayerfully process through this grief.

What is the commitment?

Participants should plan on spending 20-40 minutes per week to complete their lessons and are encouraged to spend an additional 15 – 20 minutes commenting on the lessons of fellow participants. In-person or virtual meetings are left up to the group to determine and carry out. All participants should have a desire to be open and engage with others. They should be willing to help and encourage others as well as being helped and encouraged themselves.

Ideally, each group should have a facilitator identified. The facilitator coordinates and encourages online participation and in-person meetings.

Course content:

Week 1: Grief Emotions and Feelings – Sitting with Pain

Week 2: Who is God?

Week 3: Deceased Loved One’s “Work is Done” – Transitioning to a New Normal

Week 4: Actions to Heal Grief Emotions

Week 5: Tests and Temptations in Grief

Week 6: Identity

Week 7: Security

Week 8: Purpose

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