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Both guilt and shame are similar feelings. Both can be triggered for similar reasons. But both motivate us toward drastically different ends. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. sorts out the distinctions between guilt and shame and healthy ways to respond to each.

  • Guilt stems from truth.
  • Shame stems from lies.
  • Guilt says I made a mistake.
  • Shame says I am a mistake.
  • Guilt intends to draw us toward God.
  • Shame intends to push us away from God.
  • Guilt drives us into community.
  • Shame drives us into isolation.
  • Guilt seeks reconciliation.
  • Shame leaves us condemned.
  • Guilt suggests there is hope.
  • Shame suggests there is no hope.
  • Guilt is because God loves us.
  • Shame is because Satan hates us.
  • Guilt has a route to restoration.
  • Shame does not have a route to restoration.

How to deal with guilt: 1. own your fault 2. acknowledge the hurt and harm your fault caused. 3. accept the consequences 4. seek forgiveness without demand.

Part 2 of 2

Like a faulty check engine light that comes on prematurely, some consciences trigger signals of guilt when they shouldn’t be triggered. This is called false guilt. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr explains the difference and how to detect if that check engine light is real or not.

  • True guilt is grounded in truth.
  • False guilt is grounded in feelings.
  • True guilt motivates us to deal with sin and move forward.
  • False guilt causes us to stall and spin in confession.
  • True guilt listens to scriptural objectivity.
  • False guilt listens to anxiety and depression.

How to deal with false guilt: A person dealing with false guilt typically hold themselves to standards they would not impose on others. They may benefit from getting perspective and counsel from other people. They should focus on moving forward and will need to elevate Christ’s promises to them and not allow their feelings to undermine the truth.

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