The Worn Out Woman

For the growing number of women who want to drop out because they are stressed out, this easy read provides practical solutions. This practical and biblically based book provides simple steps that can help restore joy and energy to one’s life. Women can immediately apply these tools and strategies for limiting commitments, identifying gifts, dealing with emotions, nurturing the spirit, burying anxieties, facing the past, celebrating accomplishments, developing a support network, and protecting dreams. The book provides many suggestions for self-soothing and coping and addresses issues such as perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, worry, and people pleasing. Suggested for women faced with life’s typical stresses and struggles, The Worn-Out Woman will help the reader trade in a life of running on empty for a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. She will find and recapture her passion, finally realizing the great potential God gave her.

The Worn-Out Woman 
Authors: Dr. Steve Stephens & Alice Grey