Labeled Podcast Episode

Am I Defined by My Struggle?

The words we use matter: alcoholic, depressed, narcissist, bipolar – these are all examples of labels we use to describe people. Labels stick – for good or bad. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. helps straighten us out with what sometimes turns into adult name-calling.

There is a difference between using labels “for” or “against” people. When labels are used responsibly, they should reflect reality with the intent to bring understanding and help to people.

Using Labels “for” a Person

Using Labels “against” a Person

  • Labels accurately reflect reality and are used to chart a healthy path forward.
  • Labels are not the primary identification of a person. Rather, for the Christian, Christ’s identity is primary.
  • Change and redemption is possible.
  • While some labels may accurately reflect reality, they are used to punish or isolate.
  • Labels that do not accurately reflect reality.
  • Labels remain as primary identifier of the individual indefinitely.
  • Change and redemption is not possible.

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