Consultations for Mental Health Professionals on Scrupulosity and OCD

Ted Witzig, Jr., Ph.D. provides consultations to mental health professionals regarding scrupulosity and primarily obsessional forms of OCD (religious, sexual, and harm obsessions).   

Topics Commonly Covered in Consultations: 

  • Overcoming impasses in treatment for scrupulosity/OCD due to fears about doing CBT/ERP/ACT. 
  • Implementing imaginal and in-vivo exposure and response prevention (ERP) in a way that is respectful of the client’s spiritual beliefs and faith tradition. 
  • Improving outcomes of empirically supported treatments for OCD by intentionally integrating the client’s spiritual beliefs. 
  • Improving collaboration with family members and clergy; especially when a client’s OCD symptoms are being interpreted as primarily spiritual in nature. 
  • Understanding Christian beliefs commonly entangled in OCD. 
  • Dealing with distortions in a client’s God image that feed obsessive-compulsive themes. 

Consultations may include: 

  • Reviewing specific cases or education on effective treatment, more generally. 
  • Training on implementing CBT/ERP/ACT in the treatment of scrupulosity/OCD. 
  • Creating or refining a bio-psycho-social-spiritual case conceptualization. 
  • Helping with differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and troubleshooting. 
  • Assisting with determining appropriate levels of care (e.g., outpatient, IOP, PHP, residential). 

About Dr. Witzig 

  • Dr. Witzig’s specialties and biography page can be found here 
  • His roles as both a clinical psychologist and Christian minister give him a special desire to help individuals whose mental health and spiritual issues become entwined. 
  • While his expertise is in working with adults and older adolescents, Dr. Witzig is willing to assist in pediatric cases where scrupulosity regarding Christian beliefs is of primary concern. 

Fees and Scheduling 

  • Consultations are $155 for 50 minutes.  
  • Consultations can be one-time or ongoing and are tailored to your skill level and needs.   
  • Consultations take place Monday through Friday, 8am (CST) – 4pm (CST) and can be scheduled every four to six weeks. 
  • Consultations can be done by videoconference, telephone, or in-person at the ACCFS office.    
  • To schedule, please call the ACCFS office at 309-263-5536 or email at [email protected].