Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders

There are a several other conditions that have some similarities with OCD and are sometimes confused with OCD.  These disorders, called Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders, may sometime co-occur with OCD or have overlapping symptoms with OCD. That said, there are important distinctions between OCD and these disorders as well. Getting a correct diagnosis is very important as it guides the treatment process and can have a significant impact on the outcome of treatment.

Information about Specific OCRDs

Disorders Related to (and sometimes confused with) OCD [IOCDF]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) [IOCDF]

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB) [TLC Foundation for BFRBs]

Hair Pulling Disorder (Trichotillomania) [Peace of Mind Foundation]

Skin Picking Disorder (Excoriation) [Peace of Mind Foundation]

Fear of Vomiting (Emetophobia) [Emetophobia Help]

Health Anxiety (Illness Anxiety Disorder) [Karen Lynn Cassiday, PhD]

Hoarding Disorder [IOCDF]

Olfactory Reference Syndrome (ORS) [Katharine Phillips, MD]

Tic Disorders and Tourette Syndrome [Tourette Association of America]