Teens and Addiction

The teenage years are ones of exploration, experimentation, and asserting independence. While this is certainly a normal phase of life, choices that teens make during this time can have wide ranging and long-term effects. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or non-medical use of prescription drugs can lead to the trap of addiction. Prevention and early interventions are key.

Eight Warning Signs Your Child Could Be Addicted 
Drug use by a child is one of a parent’s worst fears. But when alcohol or other drug use becomes an addiction, it can ruin a child’s life. Addiction in a child can also destroy the fabric of trust so essential in a family. Early detection and intervention are essential. Here are eight warning signs that your child could be addicted. [Hazeldon]

Opioids, Prevention & Kids 
The opioid epidemic has hit the U.S. hard, leaving parents worried about preventing opioid dependence in teens. Learn ways to prevent prescription pill abuse in kids. [Hazeldon]

Marijuana Risks 
Increasing legalization of marijuana in the U.S. has led to confusion surrounding the risks of marijuana use among youth and teens. Learn how adults can clear the air. [Hazeldon]

What is Enabling?
Enabling is the behavior of protecting others from experiencing the full impact and consequences of their behavior. Learn more about enabling behaviors. [Hazeldon]

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