Trauma Podcast Episodes

Understanding Trauma (Part 1 of 3): The event is in the past. It jeopardized your core, basic human needs. Yet your mind and body remain on alert as if the event was in the present. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Ted Witzig Jr. educates us on trauma.

Understanding Trauma & PTSD (Part 2 of 3): Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is becoming a household term. In this episode, Ted Witzig Jr. continues to shed light on trauma and its effects. He helps us understand PTSD and more importantly what Jesus thinks of trauma.

Understanding Trauma & its impact on Children (part 3 of 3): We want to protect them at all costs. But our children will not be able to navigate through this world unharmed. In this episode, Brian Sutter and Craig Stickling help us understand the impact trauma has on children. They also provide practical insights on engaging them on the basis of trauma awareness and healing.

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