Post Abortion Trauma and Loss

Abortion is a common occurrence in the United States and around the world. While those who undergo an abortion are generally seeking to solve a problem, they often underestimate the lingering emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual effects of having an abortion. Sometimes the impact of an abortion shows up soon after the procedure is done. Other times, the effects don’t show up until years or decades later.  Regardless of the circumstances, we want to extend the love, healing, and forgiveness of Christ to those who are seeking to deal with abortion in their past. Guilt and shame often keep individuals in silence about abortion in their past. We want to offer hope and encouragement that, through Christ, there is forgiveness and healing!

For Further Information:

When the Pain Won’t Go Away 
This article deals with the aftereffects of abortion. [ODB Ministries]

True Guilt/False Guilt
This graphic highlights the differences between true guilt and false guilt. While true guilt can be helpful if it leads us to correct wrong behavior, false guilt leads to an endless cycle of shame, hopelessness, and despair. For more in-depth information on True Guilt/False Guilt read this article Knowing vs. Feeling: A Biblical Look at True Guilt and False Guilt. [ACCFS]

Forgiving Ourselves and Moving on from the Past [ACCFS]
This collection of helpful tools is designed to help individuals dealing regret to work through self-forgiveness.

Loving Life: Pre and Post Abortion Podcast
In this episode of Breaking Bread this love is made evident by two guests who example what loving life looks like in the hard reality of an unplanned pregnancy.

A Solitary Sorrow
Author: Terri Reisser
This impressive book is written by a family therapist and a physician who has counseled hundreds of post-abortive women. Honest, accurate, and practical, it offers hope and encouragement to women seeking healing after abortion. A must for post-abortive women, their friends and family, pregnancy center counselors and others who seek to help.  


A Season to Heal
Authors: Luci Freed, Penny Yvonne Salazar-Phillips
This 151-page book is for women who struggle to come to grips with the lingering emotional pain of an abortion. It assures readers that their pain is a valid, natural response to abortion, that they can find relief from it, and that healing is a realistic hope.


Support Options

Option Line is a free resource for those seeking help/answers about a number of issues related to unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and post-abortion stress. They offer support through text [Text: “HELPLINE” to 313131], online chat, and phone at 800-712-4357.  Crisis Pregnancy Centers can be found in your local area from this website.