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The cigarette is falling out of favor with the general public. Stepping into its place and gaining favor is the modernized e-cigarette. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Dr. Aaron Plattner helps us understand the growing appeal of vaping.

  • Cigarettes are smoked. E-cigarettes are vaped.
  • Smoking is the act of breathing in smoke. Vaping is the act of breathing in a vapor.
  • The e-cigarette is the device that creates the vapor that is vaped.
  • E-cigarettes were invented to be a safer alternative to cigarette smoking.
  • The e-cigarette hardware includes a mouthpiece, atomizer (heating element), cartomizer (housing) and battery.
  • The e-cigarette heats e-liquid (juice) into vapor so that it can be inhaled.
  • A variety of e-liquids can be purchased or homemade. Essentially, if it can be made into a liquid, it can be vaporized and inhaled.
  • E-liquids often contain drugs such as nicotine or marijuana.
  • The vaping experience depends on the e-liquid components which can be tampered, changed, altered, concocted and managed.
  • Understanding the future effects of vaping is unknown. The e-liquids vary such that it is difficult knowing what a person is really taking into their lungs.
  • Physical concerns are two-fold: 1. Potential of harmful chemicals absorbed into the blood stream. 2. Harmful effect to lung tissue.
  • Addictions to nicotine are much easier to acquire at younger ages.
  • Reasons vaping is popular.
    • Social appeal
    • Affordable
    • Safer than cigarettes
    • Conducive to indoors
    • Favorable odor
    • Relaxant
  • Vaping can introduce more nicotine into the body quicker than the combustible cigarette. Consumption comparison: 1 Juul pod = 200 puffs = 20 cigarettes
  • People use vaping for a recreational way to treat anxiety. It should be understood differently from anxiety medication in the sense that vaping is addictive and has potential negative side effects known and not yet discovered.
  • Using vaping for anxiety too often absolves people of the healthy value anxiety plays in our lives to grow us in important ways.

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