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Parenting Part 1: Having a Vision for Teaching your Children
Teaching is wonderfully optimistic. The sky is the limit, what do you want your students to know? With a little intentionality, parenting is exciting in the same way. In this episode, Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann, encourage us to seize the parenting moment of teaching.

Parenting Part 2: Child Parent Relationships
By default, our children enter into our families in a relationship with us. After all, they are our sons and daughters. However, relationships are not in name only. In this episode, Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter speak to the importance of building meaningful relationships with our children.

Parenting Part 3: Disciplining our Children
Discipline is much more than behavior change. In fact, it must be. In this episode, Craig Stickling and Brian Sutter elevate this parental role to a more noble end than that of producing good kids. Listen for the hope that naughty kids afford.

Stewarding Strengths in Our Children
Every parent wants his or her child to excel at something; to possess a gift, a talent, a strength. Because they have been fearfully and wonderfully made, they do. As parents, how do we steward them in these strengths? In this episode, Brian Sutter and Craig Stickling help shed light on this responsibility.

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