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Parenting Styles: Part 1
Parenting is hard. Should we scold? Punish? Praise? Or ignore? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Brian and Alison Sutter walk us through the dense undergrowth of parenting kids. To discern the path, they give us two lenses: grace and truth. Together these lenses will help us parent our children wisely. Yet if we fail to use either one or both, we’ll surely lose our way.

Content contained in this episode:

    • Good parenting requires a growth mindset. Determine to learn and grow as a parent.
    • Jesus was “full” of grace and truth. Healthy parenting is “full” of grace and truth.
    • Grace is love that springs from mercy.
    • Truth is love that springs from boundaries and regulation.
    • Four parenting styles immerge when we vary grace and truth.
      • Low grace and low truth yields a dismissive parenting style.
        • Characterized by apathy, hesitation and separation
      • Low grace and high truth yields a judging parenting style.
        • Characterized by rules, authoritarianism and a focus on behavior
      • High grace and low truth yields a permissive parenting style.
        • Characterized by avoidance of pain and indulgence
      • High grace and high truth yields a “truth and grace” parenting style.
        • Characterized by a willingness to be influenced while also have clearly communicated expectations
        • Through parenting God intends to shape parents more into His likeness.

Parenting Styles: Part 2

Parenting kids can tee up disagreement between parents. Why? Parenting styles differ. However, it doesn’t have to drive a wedge in a family. In fact, by working together couples might just get parenting right. In this episode Brian and Alison Sutter finish addressing the four basic parenting styles and expose God’s overarching purposes.

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