Who am I?- Helping Children with Identity Webinar

Identity formation is a critical aspect of healthy growth within our children. As parents, we play a pivotal role in helping our children form up and affirm their identity. In this webinar, Brian Sutter discusses the importance of creating relationship, safety, and discussion with our children as they navigate identity questions in their lives.

Who am I?-PPT Handout

Further Information:

Identity Course
Identity affects us all very directly. Yet, often much goes without our notice. This course is designed to help you see the role identity plays in your life and how you can more healthily walk in light of it.

The Settled Identity Podcast Episodes
In this podcast series, Amber Miller helps us understand the health that is ours when we place our identity in Christ.

The Search for Significance   amazon.com
Author: Robert S. McGee
Publisher: W Publishing Group
This book is about developing Christ-centered self-worth. It is good for individuals dealing with low self-worth, fear of failure, unhealthy people pleasing, and feelings of inferiority. There is a set of CDs also available.