How To Talk To Your Children About Homosexuality

“When children take in and process new information, they start from what they already know, connecting new information to their previous knowledge. Before your children are even aware of homosexuality, begin by giving them a biblical view of the world. In other words, you are framing the issue for them by teaching them about God and His redemptive plan humankind. You are providing your children with a basic understanding of the world in which we live. We always want to start with what’s good when talking about difficult subjects, so we begin by teaching about God’s plan for us and our sexuality. That gives us a foundation for then discussing any problem issues. Find a good children’s Bible or Bible storybook and read it with your child. As they grow and learn, this framework provides the starting place for discussing issues such as homosexuality.”

This excellent resource helps give parents age-appropriate instruction for their children regarding homosexuality. [Focus on the Family]

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