The Talk

“Dear Parents…
Welcome to using these overview sheets on sexual education. Breathe deeply—it’s okay—you can do this, and we hope this tool helps!

About the TIMING…

A quick word as you look this over and prepare to engage your children: The exact ages at which you offer concepts and information can vary based on a child’s individual development and sibling lineup. Some need to move ahead a little sooner, while others need a slightly slower pace. The stages we offer are not hard and fast rules, yet they do provide age-appropriate suggestions. When it comes to timing, bear in mind that a rather common error is for parents to withhold information too long or to procrastinate. Be aware of that trend; we believe you want to be the first to interact with your kids about these ideas—not other sources that may not hold your values or have your child’s best interests at heart.

About our FORMAT…

For each approximate age range, we’ve provided OBJECTIVES (what you need to accomplish) and some possible METHODS (several ideas on how to accomplish it). Also, there are a few “Let’s Talk More” guides for those special topics or events that require a little more specific planning or in-depth treatment. With a quick-read format, we hope you’ll feel ease of access to the points for this essential task of educating your child. As additional reference, we also hope you get our thorough book, The Focus on the Family Guide To Talking with Your Kids About Sex: Honest Answers at Every Age (Fitch & Davis).


Before sending you off into the material, we’d be remiss not to mention how likely it is that sex ed stirs anxiety or even fear for parents. Sometimes thinking about this topic means revisiting your personal wounds or the shortcomings in the sexual education you received. If so, you are not alone! Should you need additional guidance or help in facing wounds or worries around sexual topics, we understand and warmly invite you to call us! We have a team of licensed counselors who can offer their caring support by phone through a confidential consultation—our Counseling Department line is 1-855-771-HELP (4357). Don’t let shame or fear keep you from reaching out or blockade you from the vital job of educating your child. Taking care of yourself may be the most empowering and helpful step in being available to calmly and fully educate your child. Finally, we want you to feel encouraged as you use these basic guidelines in your family! A child’s sexual education begins the day he or she is born and continues through all life stages. We hope that parents will move from passivity to pursuit and from fear to fun at each amazing stage!

Your Friends at Focus On The Family”

This is a helpful guide for parents to use when seeking to provide godly wisdom to your child in the area of sex education. [Focus on the Family]

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