Bitterness Podcast Episodes

Part 1 of 2

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Hurt, not properly cared for, can turn to bitterness. Bitterness, not properly cared for, defiles much. In this episode series, Craig Stickling addresses properly caring for hurt and bitterness.

Part 2 of 2

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Forgive, overlook and acknowledge – three verbs that give the embittered a path to freedom. None are easy. In in this episode of Breaking Bread, Craig Stickling brings them near and demonstrates the path out from his own life experience.

Show notes:

 Bitterness has a root:
The root starts with hurt. Hurt that is not properly cared for. This hurt leads to anger. Anger left to seethe and build over time leads to stubbornness. Impenetrable walls are then built to protect. Behind these walls a rebellion settles in.

Bitterness grows:
Minor and major hurtful events stacked one on top of the other over time breeds a canker. The canker travels its way into many areas of our lives.

Bitterness has a fruit:
The fruit tastes of isolation, division and hardness.

Bitterness has a remedy:
The embittered must engage with the hurt in three ways. Applying forgiveness where they have been sinned against. Overlooking misunderstandings and imperfections where they exist in their offender and acknowledging whatever truth that may exist in the hurt for their personal betterment.


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