Boundaries Podcast Episodes

Boundaries Part 1 
Our lives bump up against the lives of others at our boundaries. The proper care of those boundaries is incumbent on us to avoid hurt, exhaustion, and frustration. In this podcast series, Arlan Miller and Matt Kaufmann walk through five principles for living with healthy boundaries.

Boundaries Part 2
Boundaries define what is and is not the United States. Furthermore, the existence of those boundaries and the respect we have for the boundaries of other nations sets the footings for national relationships. In like manner, personal boundaries go a long way in framing up our relationships with other people. Proper respect, discernment and action in accordance with our boundaries free us up to live out the law of love.

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Further Information

Healthy Boundaries
This article walks you through the steps of setting healthy boundaries by looking at knowing yourself, responsibilities, respect, discernment, and being proactive.

Boundaries Webinar
In this webinar, we talk through practical ways to address the discouragement that can come with mentoring relationships. [ACCFS]