The Nature of Conflict Podcast

The Role of Personal Conscience

Do we love each other because we agree? Or is our love based on something deeper? Surprisingly, conflict exposes the answer. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Matt Kaufmann and Brian Sutter address the nature of conflict and highlight the role our consciences play.

  • God has given everyone a conscience.
  • The conscience gives us a sense of right and wrong.
  • We should listen to our conscience.
  • Our conscience is not perfectly tuned to truth.
  • We should be a steward of our conscience.
  • Scripture should inform our conscience.
  • The Holy Spirit should direct our conscience.
  • Relationships should refine our conscience.
  • When our consciences differ with others, conflict can result.
  • Conflict can help mature our conscience.
  • We should honor another person’s conscience.

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