Overcoming Hurt

The following resource was written by Dr. Ralph Woerner and walks through the struggle we can face as we attempt to move on from past hurt.

From the counseling I’ve done over the years, I’ve discovered that many people who seem to be moving through life without a care in the world are suffering from a lot more hurt than most of us realize. They were abused as children. They got a raw deal at work. They experienced the rejection of a recent divorce. They lost a sibling to cancer. Their reputation was slandered.  They were betrayed by a friend. They were paralyzed as a result of a head-on collision with a drunk driver. On and on the list goes. Hurts come at us from every direction—in many forms, shapes, and colors.

Some of the hurts which we receive, of course, are only minor in nature. They haven’t been intentionally inflicted and amount to nothing more than day-to-day bruises that need to be brushed aside as quickly as they arise. I wish I could say that all the hurts we receive are minor hurts, but they aren’t. Many of them are far more serious. They are more like open wounds than insignificant bruises. The pain they cause is deep and lasting.

Hurt inevitably happens to all of us, without regard to our race, background, wealth, or goodness. Hurt can have a positive or a negative effect upon our lives. It can make us bitter, or it can make us better, depending, of course, on how we respond.

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