Missionary Care Podcast Episodes

Missionary Care: The Role of the Church  
Out of sight, out of mind is true in many contexts.  But it is painfully true when missionaries and local churches are those that grow dim.  This episode is the first of a 3-part series on the church’s responsibility and opportunity in missionary care.  Guests on the show are HarvestCall’s Kirk Plattner and ACCFS’s Amber Miller.  Wonderfully, tangible and meaningful connections can be made that will bless the missionary, the local church and as a result – “be a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God.”

Missionary Care: Spiritual and Physical Care
The apostle Paul required care from the church. Specifically, he requested spiritual, relational and physical aid. In episode 1, Kirk Plattner and Amber Miller unpacked the relational care the local church can provide a missionary on the field. In this episode, they highlight in detail, ways the church can provide spiritual and physical care.

Missionary Care: Re-entry
While the process for sending missionaries to the field swirls with preparatory support systems, the process for re-entry can go seemingly without even a foot note.  Kirk Plattner and Amber Miller address this vacuum for caring for our missionaries as they return home. And as you would expect, the local church has a large role to play.

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