Caring for Aging Parents Podcast

Birth is sacred. So is death. For many people, they will have the opportunity and responsibility to care for their folks as they age and pass. This responsibility is met with challenges, difficulties, opportunities, and blessings. Roger Gasser and Tim Funk let us in on some of these and help prepare us to walk these important days with our folks.

  • Realize the aging process is a process of giving up control.
    • Give parents control where you can, as control is taken away.
  • Realize every situation is different.
    • Be careful when comparing your situation to the next. They’re not the same.
  • Realize communication with the entire family is important.
    • Be patient with family members as understanding comes at different rates and at different times.
  • Realize grief management is needed. From physical to emotional, the losses are many.
    • Walk with your loved one through the cycle of grief.
  • Realize that guilt on many levels is likely.
    • Use the following stems often. “I love you.” “Please forgive me.” “I forgive you.” “Thank you.”

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