Introversion & the Church Podcast

The church is God’s family. To participate in church, is to participate in “together.” What if “together” is difficult for you? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Kristen Schwind and Ron Messner give voice to the introvert in church. They highlight both the weaknesses and the strengths our personalities pose in how we experience the “together” aspect of church. 

 Who is an introvert?  

  • A person who finds solitude as life-giving and human interaction as life-expending.  

 Who is an extrovert? 

  • A person who finds human interaction as life-giving and solitude as life-expending.  

 How can introversion in the church be challenging?   

  • Fellowship can be difficult. 
  • By being reserved, individuals can be misjudged as aloof or uncaring. 
  • By being reserved, individuals can be passed over for duties. 
  • By not being always present, individuals can be misjudged as uncommitted. 

 How can we walk in an understanding way towards the introvert in church? 

  • Be a safe person to talk to. 
  • Use their gift of listening and employ them in discipleship opportunities. 
  • Learn from their ability to find life in solitude. 
  • Provide structure in social settings. Corporate worship, small group Bible studies, committee work and various church duties are excellent examples of this. 

 What encouragement is there for the introvert? 

  • Be careful not to fall into isolation. 
  • Challenge yourself to step out and engage the community of the church. 
  • Make full use of the structured social events such as worship, teaching and more. 


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