What if the LGBTQ Reality Troubles my Faith in God?

  • Many would have the Christian believe that the LGBTQ reality undermines the reliability of the Bible and greatly challenges the character of the Christian God. Some have even walked away from faith entirely because they have not been able to square what they believe to be true about sexuality and gender with the Bible, God, and the Gospel. On the other hand, others, to avoid this affront to faith, have belittled the LGBTQ experience or oversimplify the issues and label them sinners or worse. Neither of these reactions is godly, healthy, or accurate.
  • We live in a fallen world. Sin has brought about all manner of brokenness. Death, hurt, disaster, disease, and disability are just a small sampling of God’s perfect intent ‘bent’ by the fall. Same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria are just two more among many. Since sexuality and gender are very personal and sacred aspects of a human being, it is not surprising that these experiences are “charged” in the culture at large.
  • Satan plays to the “bentness” of this world. He is determined to exploit the brokenness we experience in all areas of life… but he seems to especially attack sexuality perhaps because it goes to the core of each individual’s identity and then moves outward to behavior, family, and society. God’s directives found in the Scripture have always been to promote the human flourishing He always intended. Prohibitions are not arbitrary or punitive. Rather they direct human life toward His designed intentions. The intentions that were put in place and created were done so before sin entered the world. This is the lens through which we understand his commands against sexual relationships outside of marriage between a monogamous man and woman. This is the lens through which we understand His high view of the binary genders in male and female.

A great many voices speak into the issues surrounding LGBTQ. Each one attempts to make sense of experience in light of truth as they see it. Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services is no different. We engage this topic believing that God is the Creator, and each human has been created in his image and for his glory. We understand the Bible to be God’s Word and our source of truth. We believe in the historic Christian view of marriage as the covenanted union between one man and one woman. We believe each of us has been touched by the brokenness of this world, and yet, God works in our broken circumstances to align our hearts to his.

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