Apostolic Christian Way Of Purity

The ACWP course is designed for men and women, who attend the Apostolic Christian Church, and are struggling with pornography and sexual impurity. Designed to be done daily, the 30 lessons serve as a guide showing a path out of sexual sin and are most effective when used with a mentor. If a participant does not have a mentor, ACCFS will gladly make a mentor arrangement. Learn more about this course by viewing the short video. You can find out more general information in the Courses portion of our website or you can enroll in the ACWP course by using the link below.

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For the Mentor: Resources are available to help mentors understand this course and what part they might play. Click here for information.

For Further Information:

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction   amazon.com 
Author: Mark Laaser
This 240-page revised and updated book (previously titled Faithful and True) helps individuals understand the cycle of sexual addiction and the various stages that struggling individuals go through as they go deeper into sexual sin. The book provides a clear roadmap for recovery and healing.



Faithful & True Workbook: Sexual Integrity in Today’s World  amazon.comAuthor: Mark Laaser
This helpful workbook provides a practical, step-by-step program to overcoming sexual addiction.