Singleness Resources

Regardless of marital status, our goal as believers should be to lead an abundant life in Christ, overcoming temptation and working toward the furthering of His kingdom. Without question, the experience of singleness comes with unique joys and challenges. Yet, these joys and challenges can bring definition and opportunity in new and wonderful ways. There are a host of resources available to help singles think through this stage of life. A few of our favorites are listed below.

Singlehood That Glorifies God  
Author: John Coblentz
This 38-page booklet is a great manual for the single person or those seeking to understand and relate to singles. It’s an honest, practical and scriptural guide, exhorting singles to live out their whole potential as God’s child, for His glory.


Search for Significance
Author: Robert S. McGee
This book is about developing Christ-centered self-worth. It is good for individuals dealing with low self-worth, fear of failure, unhealthy people pleasing, and feelings of inferiority. There is a set of CDs available in this book.