The Church & Singleness Podcast Episodes

The Church and Singleness Part 1
Singleness [sing-guh l-nis] n. the state or quality of being single. Like trying to paint detail with a broad brush, the term “singleness” falls short in painting the finer points of the life of our unmarried brothers and sisters. Amber Miller, interviewed by Matt Kaufmann, exposes these finer points and attempts to paint a more accurate landscape of singleness in the church. This is the first episode in a podcast series devoted to redeeming the topic of singleness in the church.

The Church and Singleness Part 2
Marriage is to oneness as singleness is to sufficiency. Both are visible testimonies of separate and critical concepts of the gospel. In this episode, we hope to explain how singleness uniquely and wonderfully supports the longer narrative of Scripture and the impact that it should have on the church.

The Church and Singleness Part 3
How do we live out singleness? Though it embodies the New Testament Covenant and serves great purpose in the church it is not easily lived out. Challenges are many. Loneliness, sexual impurity and unhealthy identity are a few of the threats that plague the single. In this episode, we tackle these issues head on and see how the single has a unique opportunity to press toward Christlikeness.

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