The Elderly Advantage: Seeing More

Jesus saw more. He saw what others missed in a setting. He saw what mattered in an interaction. He understood the reasons for a situation when others overlooked it. Jesus saw more. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan Miller and Matt Kaufmann highlight critical purpose for the elderly among us. Help us like Jesus helped his disciples – help us see more.

Show Notes:

Help us see what others miss:

  • Just as a passenger in a car can see more of the surroundings than the driver, we need the elderly in our communities to help us see what we often miss.
  • Jesus helped his disciples see what most missed. He pointed out a poor widow casting in more money than the rich. Something they had all missed. Mark 12:41-44

Help us see what matters:

  • Just as a skilled carpenter, doctor, teacher, parent and investor knows what matters in their craft, the elderly in our communities know what matters in life. They can help us see what matters.
  • Jesus helped his disciples see what mattered. He devoted time to young children when they didn’t think it was time well spent. Matthew 19:13-15

Help us see why:

  • We like to connect the dots between cause and effect. The elderly in our communities often have insights into these causal relationships. They can help us see why.
  • Jesus helped his disciples understand why. He helped them understand the reason a man was born blind. It was not what they expected. John 9:1-4