Upsetting Lies: Believing the Truth Podcast Episode

Behind our vices is often a lie we believe. Reversing the lie goes a long way in reversing the vice. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Arlan and Matt speak to the health that comes by way of truth. As truth embodied, Christ wants to upset our lies.


We live in a broken world and wounds happen. Furthermore, wounds compound and compact on top of each other. They build up over time. While some wounds are huge (abuse, etc.) wounds don’t have to be huge to be impactful. In fact, often, the subtle unnoticed hurts pack the biggest punch because they go without our notice and their effect is assumed negligible.


Wounds give way to lies and lies give way to vice.


A healthy life skill is being able to heal from the wounding we are bound to get.


  1. Identify the lie you believe.
  2. Replace it with truth.
  3. Support the truth with repetition.


Truth will have a living effect on our lives. We will begin to live according to the truth.


  • WOUND: When Jill was young, she was told by a teacher she wished she was smart like her older sister.
  • LIE: Jill believed that she would never be “good enough”.
  • VICE: Jill began to long for approval. She would seek for it in all the wrong places.
  • REPAIR: Jill came to understand the favor God has for her.
  • EFFECT: Jill is settled in God’s approval and does not seek for it in unhealthy places.

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