Biblical Decision-Making Course

Each of us makes decisions every day that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. This course is designed to help think through the factors involved in making wise, biblically based decisions.

There are two goals for this course:

  1. Participants will understand the purpose of biblical decision-making in life.
  2. Participants will identify eight key principles for biblical decision-making.

This is an individual course.

Participants will be led through each lesson by video and ready-made content. Any comments that participants type will be private to themselves.

Workload expectation.

This course is comprised of 5 lessons:

Lesson 1 – The Foundation for Biblical Decision-Making
Lesson 2 – Believe & Read
Lesson 3 – Pray & Trust
Lesson 4 – Wait & Seek
Lesson 5 – Walk & Rest

Each lesson will include:

  • Informational content (videos and readings)
  • Reflection prompts (online entries)
  • Application activities (printable documents to fill out)

Participants should expect each lesson to take 1 – 1.5 hours to complete. In addition, participants will be able to determine their own pace for completing each lesson.

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Further Information

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