Calling: Five Important Perspectives On Following God’s Call Podcast Episodes

Believers care about calling. Is God calling me to this assignment? In this episode of Breaking Bread, Amber Miller (HarvestCall Missionary Care Director) helps us see calling as more than the assignment. She gives 5 suggestions for understanding what it means to be called.

Five important perspectives on following God’s call:

  1. There is purpose in the process of working out one’s calling.

God is not only interested in the final assignment. He wants to use the process of discernment to grow us.

  1. We are sent after the pattern of Christ’s sending.

“As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” John 20:21

  1. Calling has much to do with who we are.

We are called into being. Be a royal priesthood the Scriptures say.

  1. Calling is more than an assignment.

Calling should not be compartmentalized. Instead, our work, home and church lives flow out of one calling.

  1. Calling is confirmed in community.

Fellow believers help us determine if God is calling us to certain assignments.

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