Meditation Podcast Episodes

Meditation is in vogue. Mindfulness is in fashion. Yet, the Scriptures have spoken to this discipline for several millennia. In this episode of Breaking Bread, Brian Sutter walks us through the what, why and how of meditation.

Show notes:

Question Answer
What is meditation? Meditation is deliberately setting our mind on a certain thing and remaining with our mind set upon it.


Why should we meditate?


Through the discipline of meditation, we become more mentally healthy as well as spiritually healthy people. The reason for this is because our thoughts give attention to those things that are true.


In what ways is mediation a skill set? Meditation is a skill set because it is a learned and practiced skill by which a person can more fully focus their attention on a selected matter of the mind.


What lies at the center of mediation? Attention lies at the core of mediation. Dismissing unwanted distractions and focusing on desired interests is key.
What qualities do I need to have in order to meditate well? Patience and focus are required for meditation.
How do I meditate? To meditate, we must slow down, identify a matter to contemplate on, focus on that matter with curiosity, remain with that matter over time.
How is mediation different than Bible study? In Bible study, we are the agent, and the Scriptures are the subject we act upon. In meditation, we are the subject, and the Scriptures is the agent that act on us.
Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing? Yes. These terms are similar. Mindfulness is focusing on the present moment.
When is meditation unwise?


Meditation is unwise when we adopt the modern notion that truth lies within us, and meditation seeks to access that self-goodness.

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